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Our Web 2 App Service

This Service is for you;

If you already have a responsive website and thinking for an App? We can build one for you. Pay one time development cost and forget any cost maintenance. No need to update your app separately when you update your website.

Simply us your email below, and get it.

Your Next App

Web to App

You'll get a Web App of your existing responsive website. The app would help you to keep in touch with your customers simply by letting them download. No signup would require to send / receive notifications.

Navigation Menu

It'll have a navigation menu to help the users easily navigate.

Image in Notificaitons

You may also upload and send images alongwith the notifications.

URL with Notifications

You can also redirect your users to specific URLs using notifications.

Send Notifications

Using One-Signal, you can send free notifications to your users.

Save Cost

Save a lot by reducing the app maintenance cost to zero.

Check Reports

Keep any eye on the sent messages with graphical reports.

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No Updates Required

Only update website, no need to update your app separately.

Know Your Users

You may easily check which user is using an app and is receiving alerts.

History Notifications

Check any time what you sent to your users previously.


if you do not have a responsive website or do not have a website at all but need a mobile app, we may still build one for you. You may ask us to create a fully native app or else you may ask to create a website alongwith an app. You’ll have both the options. Alternatively, if you have a responsive website but need a fully native website, in any of the above cases, click below: